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Introducing our dazzling handmade glitter and felt crown – fit for little kings and queens who love to play and shine! 

Crafted with care, each crown is bursting with sparkly glitter that adds a touch of magic to any dress-up adventure. The wool felt backing ensures it's comfy to wear, so kids can play all day feeling like true royalty.

With an elasticated band, our crown stays put on little heads, whether they're ruling over a make-believe kingdom or adding flair to a birthday party outfit.

And don't worry, parents – our crowns are tested to meet UKCA/CE safety standards, so you can relax knowing they're a suitable fit for kids aged 3 to 7 years old.

Let your child's imagination reign supreme with our enchanting handmade glitter and felt crown – because every day is a royal occasion!

Glitter Crown

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